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We're more than just perfect-binding specialists. We provide everything you need in a trade bindery. Capabilities, capacity, quality, fast turns and dependability.

Adhesive Binding

The Bindery is proud to be one of the nation's largest perfect binders, offering multiple options and horsepower. From small, micro-runs, to large multi-binder runs, we have you covered when it comes to cover styles and glue options.

Binding Options 

PUR Perfect Binding:

  • Recommended for books with heavy, coated, or cross-grain stocks

  • Ideal for gloss, dull or matte stock

EVA Perfect Binding:

  • Standard glue with quick set points for a shorter cure time

  • Works well with uncoated stock


  • True layflat adhesive binding

  • Ideal for books that you want to open completely while reading

PUR Layflat:

  • Layflat binding using spine wrap

  • Ideal for heavy coated stock giving the spine strength while still lying flat

Our state of the art binders with 27 pocket gatherers can handle any size job. With binders of dedicated production and in varying sizes, we deliver economical production of both short and long runs.

  • 3-Muller Martini Binders with 27 pocket gatherers

  • 2-Muller Martini Binders with 20 pocket gatherers

  • 1-Horizon hand feed binder for micro to short runs

  • ASIR signature readers

  • Signature folding capability

Mechanical Binding

The Bindery has long been a leader in Wire and Plastic binding. With over 100 pieces of equipment we can easily handle volume, with the versatility to produce multiple projects.

Binding Options


 Plastic Coil Binding:

  • 14-Automatic punches

  • 8-Automatic binding lines with inline coil making

  • 10-Semi-automated binding lines (up to 2" thick books and 4ft binding edge)

Wire Loop Binding:

  • 14-Automatic punches

  • 1-Automated binding line

  • 8-Semi-automated binding lines (semi and fully concealed)

  • We also do automated split wire and calendar hanger wire insertion

Wire Spiral Binding:

  • 14-Automatic punches

  • 1-Automated binding line

  • 10-Semi-automated binding lines (up to 1-3/4" book thickness)

  • 50-Millimeter wire

Plastic Comb Binding:

  • Multiple stand and table top binders

  • Imprinted comb options

With so many equipment and binding options, our staff and space continues to grow and expand its capabilities every year. Whether you send press sheets, cut down singles or gathered sigs The Bindery can gather and bind any project.

  • Signature gathering with inline 4 knife trimming

  • Single sheet collating

  • Press sheet cutting

  • Press sheet folding

  • Tab cutting

  • Eyeleting

  • Drilling

  • Round cornering

  • Shrink-wrapping

  • Bundle-wrapping

Don't stop there. The Bindery will not only finish your project, but when you send us your list we will do:

  • Shipping

  • Warehouse and fulfillment

  • Distribute your printed page

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