Eyeletting, Drilling and Round Cornering

With The Bindery, every finishing operation can be completed in-house without the additional shipping costs and purchase orders. We have increased our eyeletting, drilling and round cornering capabilities four-fold, allowing us to quickly produce your speciality projects.
• Variety of eyelet options
• Automated inline drilling
• Fast and precise round cornering

Gluing, Taping, Tipping and Tying

Whether auto taping, hand taping, folding or gluing, we have the equipment and dedicated personnel to accomplish any finishing need. We recognize that sometimes even the most sophisticated marketing piece has to have the loving touch and care of human hands.
• Gluing
• Taping
• Counting (automated or manual)


We don’t often think of shrinkwrapping as a finishing service, but rather as an additional requirement for counting in 10’s or 25’s after folding or stitching. Whether you require 5 or 5,000,000 packages our automated equipment can make short work of any finishing project.