HORSEPOWER. That’s what we think of when we talk collating. No matter how big your job, we have the equipment and the man power to get it done well, and get it done fast. How does 200 pockets sound?

• 3 Bourg Modulens up to 32 pockets
• 1 Bourg Tower
• 1 large format Setmaster (capable of 19.5″ X 27.5″ press sheet colating)
• 1 24-pocket Panda signature collator with inline 4 side trim

More information:

Collating and Gathering
• Bourg Modulen, 32 pockets
• Bourg Modulen, 29 pockets
• Bourg Modulen, 23 pockets
• Bourg tower system, 30 pockets
• Setmaster large format, 20 pockets
The above collators are equipped with corner stitch and booklet making capabilities.
• Muller Martini 24 pocket signature collator with inline 4 knife trimming